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The Executive is a joint overarching body, which will monitor and improve safeguarding activity for children and adults. It brings together senior officers from the key agencies and agreed significant partners. The Executive will ensure there is a focus on transformation by providing strong leadership and guidance to all of its partners, identifying the strategic priorities on a yearly basis and determining the desired outcomes in respect of safeguarding activity and practice.  The Executive has strategic oversight of the work across both the Dudley Safeguarding Children Partnership Group (DSCPG) and the Dudley Safeguarding Adults Board (DSAB), which in turn will drive the work of the sub-groups to improve outcomes. 

To maintain a clear focus on the strategic responsibilities of the safeguarding arrangements, the Executive deliberately selected a small group of strategic leads from the key agencies, in conjunction with agreed relevant partners. The standing agenda will oversee the progression of the strategic priorities and scrutinise service provision in respect of the local safeguarding arrangements as it is recognised that responsibility for safeguarding spans across a much wider range of organisations, and their engagement and visibility as ‘relevant partners’ is intrinsic for the effectiveness and delivery of all work of the DSPP, DSAB, DSCPG and the associated sub-groups.  

The DSPP consists of:  

  • Dudley Safeguarding People Partnership Independent Chair 
  • Dudley Safeguarding People Partnership Independent Scrutineer 
  • Director of Children’s Services on behalf of Local Authority Chief Executive – Key Statutory Partner 
  • Director of Adult Social Care on behalf of Local Authority Chief Executive – Key Statutory Partner 
  • Dudley Borough Neighbourhood Policing Unit Commander on behalf of West Midlands Chief Constable – Key Statutory Partner 
  • Black Country ICB Chief Nursing Officer on behalf of the Accountable Officer – Key Statutory Partner 
  • DSPP Business Manager